May 14, 2010

Faux Hawk

I've had several people ask for photos of my hair cut for reference for their hair stylists so I decided to post my photos here. My hair was cut with scissors and clippers. It looks like a razor cut because it has been texturized A LOT, but scissors were used because unfortunately my hair gets too frizzy when a razor is involved. I also requested that my stylist leaves a longer tail in the back and longer side pieces because I feel that it looks more feminine. The colours in my hair are Special Effects Virgin Rose and Blue Velvet (you can barely see it in these photos).





  1. This is exactly what I'd liked to ask you ^_^ Your haircut is soooo cool, i don't know if i would look so nice with it! i also like when you leave your bangs down ! Thak you for the photos ^_____^

    p.s.: sorry for my language, I'm Italian :P

  2. Love your look and style!

  3. Woah! :D
    I just came across one of your videos on youtube, and I must say that I LOVE your hairstyle and colour. You are very, very gorgeous!

    PS: I love your make-up ^-^

  4. love this hair style....definately will try to find someone who is very good at cuttin hair to do mine like!

  5. hey can u send me pic to ma email i really want to cut my hair llike this..

  6. You can click on the photos and then save them to your hard drive. :)

  7. i love your haircut so much i did it on myself, it turned out terrific, not as long in the back but it will get there! love the funky messy haircuts!