May 29, 2010

Updated Styling Short Hair Tutorial

I decided to update everyone on my technique because I've changed it up a bit and I wasn't that happy with my last video. The only thing that has changed in regards to my cut/colour was that I added purple to my hair colour, other then that it is pretty much the same cut...maybe my sides are a little shorter. My hair colours are from Special Effects in Virgin Rose (magenta) and Blue Velvet (purple). :)


  1. Hey Heather! great video!
    I was wondering where you get your hair cut? I'm new to Van and am looking for a good stylist. (although i usually get boring trims 90% of the time, once in a while i'll go for something more daring)

    I'm actually considering getting some lines shaved over my left ear... but really only want to go somewhere good.

    any recommendations?



  2. Hi, Heather... I'm soooooo in love with your hair and your talents with make up! I'm curious as to what kind of hair cut style you have... I wanted to try something similar but maybe put a black twist on it (my hair won't "move" lol)... I know a lot of people aren't willing to share their secrets but I figured I'd take a shot and ask. Also, I love your tutorials! I haven't quite mastered any of your creations yet, but I'll get there someday! Your styles are more something I'd be into, so I get excited when you post a new tutorial!

    I look forward to your future tutorials!


  3. Thank you Ally! I have no problems with sharing my style, that is why I make YouTube videos. :) The style is a faux hawk. It's almost the same as one of Rihanna's cuts. I actually prefer when my hair doesn't move, so I add a bunch of sticky products so that it is more stiff. Thank you so much for the compliments!! <3

  4. Hi Grace! Welcome to Van! My stylist loves bold cuts and also regular cuts. Her name is Karina and she is at Mine Style Source on Broadway and Main. The owner is a local celebrity and everyone there is very edgy and stylish. I have 50% off referral cards so the cut will be $25 if you want to try her out. Let me know!! :)