Feb 12, 2011

All About Inglot

Inglot has become quite the YouTube sensation so I decided to post some swatches of the Inglot products that I have collected over the years. Unfortunately, some of my items have been either discontinued or renumbered. It is a brand that I have loved over the years and I was quite heartbroken when they closed most of their stores around Canada. I figure it was because they grew way too fast and couldn't compete with a well known brand called MAC. However, it seems as though they have smartly been cautious the past few years and are making an impact in the makeup community in the US, which I am quite happy about because they really have some great products. There are several finishes: Matte, Pearl, AMC (Advanced Makeup Components) and D.S. (Double Sparkle). AMC and D.S. look exactly the same to me, but apparently AMC is supposed to last longer...but with a primer I don't really think it matters.

From Left to right, top to bottom: Matte 379, Pearl 439, D.S. 494, AMC Shine 39, AMC 859S6, D.S. 482, Pearl 434, Pearl 413, D.S. 477, AMC 58.

Pearl 429, D.S. 493, AMC 60, AMC 59, Pearl 430, D.S. 460, AMC Shine 26, D.S. 463

AMC 64, Matte 388, Pearl 441, Pearl 413, AMC 70

1-Matrix 191 (discontinued?), 2-Pearl 434, 3-D.S. 482, 4-D.S. 494, 5-Pearl 439, 6-Matte 379, 7-Matte 388, 8-Pearl 441, 9-AMC Shine 39, 10-D.S. 493

1-Matrix 226 (discontinued?), 2-AMC 70, 3-Pearl 413, 4-Pearl 429, 5-AMC 58, 6-D.S. 477, 7-AMC 59, 8-AMC 60, 9-AMC 859S6

1-AMC-64, 2-D.S. 460, 3-Pearl 430, 4-D.S. 463, 5-AMC Shine 26, 6-Matrix 231 (discontinued?), 7-Matrix 191 (discontinued?), 8-Pearl 237 (discontinued?), 9-Face Blush 43

1-Revlon Colorburst Lilac 001, 2-MAC Up the Amp, 3-Inglot 150 Lipstick, 4-Revlon Super Lustrious Lipstick Berry Haute 660, 5-Inglot AMC Lipgloss 546, 6-Inglot Lipgloss 541, 7-546 gloss on top of Illamasqua Disciple, 8-541 gloss on top of Illamasqua Disciple


  1. Yaay thank you for making swatches :D love the colors!!

  2. Wow, that was a great post! Thanks :)

  3. I feel special to know that I have a couple of the same shades that you have now!
    Oh I'm such a dork.