Aug 5, 2011

New Wig!

SO I finally purchased a wig. Occasionally I miss having long hair and how feminine it makes me look. In school, I had the opportunity to try a lot of different wigs and it opened my eyes that wigs don't have to look totally fake.

I went to a hair store in Vancouver named Abantu and tried on quite a few wigs. This wig was my favourite of the 20 I tried on. It is the Fashion Source NF-9 Five. It is made of Futura Fiber, which is heat resistant up to 390F. What I really liked about this wig is that it doesn't have a TON of hair, which can be a dead giveaway that someone is wearing a wig, and the fibers weren't too shiny and the hairs are smooth and tangle-free. I also really liked the price; $45 with my 10% student discount!

I trimmed the bangs for my forehead length and I straightened it before taking this photo. I look forward to wearing this wig in an upcoming video. :)


  1. So nice!
    I've been thinking about wigs myself, shorthaired and all. It's so amazing how the whole appearance changing when changing hair! and the makeup can really get a lift from the wig!
    The wig really suits you!!!

  2. oh yes it really looks amazing on you :D

  3. I've also wanted to purchase another wig for sometime now. You're so beautiful doll! You could rock anything and still look fab!


    Jamie Lee

  4. Love the wig. They are fun to play with, but my hair is too long and thick to wear them =(

  5. WOOOOOW! totally a different heather lol love it:D

  6. I love wigs! I wanna get a few just for fun so then I can have a different hair look and not have to colour any of it.

    Wig looks good tho :D

  7. I love the way this looks on you! Suuuuuper cuuuuute X)