Aug 30, 2011

Playing Around with My Wigs

I have had 3 wigs kicking around for a year or so and I decided to break them out and play around with styling them. Two of them are made out of kanekalon fibre, which makes them look a little more real, washed and they can be heat styled under 200 F. The purple wig is probably just some sort of polyester.

I purchased this cosplay wig off of eBay last year for drag day (my husband was my model <3). It is excellent quality and the cap isn't too large. I think it was around $30 with free shipping.

I also purchased this wig off if eBay and it is probably from the same manufacturer, but different seller. This was also probably around $30 with free shipping. 

This last wig was from one of my local costume stores, a cheap 1920s style wig that I try to make look a little more shapely by teasing and hair spraying. :)


  1. I love your wigs, who is the seller you purchased them from on eBay?

  2. @Michelle: I honestly can't remember, but if you search for cosplay wigs the same wigs will still appear. :)

  3. amazingg !!! it looks soo amazing on you every single one !!!you do a really amazing job whit your man, he looks amazing !!!! greettss ^o^
    ahhaaa : #14. What's a phrase or exclamation you always say? AMAZING !!!! ;))

  4. I looooove the second wig. I also love the skull clip. You look so different with wigs but you can pull off anything, you know.