Oct 1, 2011

Wet n Wild Dream Weaver Collection

I recently received these four Wet n Wild palettes from new blogger KristiWithaK (please show her some love). They are from the Limited Edition Dream Weavers Collection, which was not available in Canada. I don't think any LE Wet n Wild collections are ever available in Canada :'(.

While I am a big fan of Wet n Wild, I only have two of their palettes and I am really not sure why. The elusive Dream Weavers Collection really caught my eye and I sent poor Jacqueline (a.k.a. abrilliantbrunette) on a wild goose chase trying to find the palettes, but to no avail. Then Kristi noticed our conversation on Twitter and offered her unopened palettes. I am so grateful that she was willing to give them to me, she's too kind. <3

Anyway, here are my four Dream Weaver Palettes:

Bright Idea, We're Blasting Off, Fly Me To The Moon, Enter A New Realm

Fly Me To The Moon - The blue is not very pigmented and looks like a different colour when swatched. The black reminds me a little of MAC Black Tide because of the matte black with silver glitter. The white is a slightly flakey frost.

Enter A New Realm - This was the palette I was most excited about. The matte red is a true red...that's available at a drug store!! While it's not as pigmented as Sugarpill's Love +, it still does not disappoint. The matte black has a nice consistency and the silver is very creamy and pigmented. 

We're Blasting Off - Unfortunately, the pink and the pinkish taupe shattered in the post, but I was able to re-press the shadows because there was not a lot of colour contamination. I am usually not crazy over these kinds of colours, however, the consistency and pigmentation of these shadows are beautiful. There is a matte pink, a matte dark brown with pink glitter and a pearly pinkish taupe.

Bright Idea - This palette is packed with bright shimmery colours. The consistency of all the shadows are creamy and pigmented. There is a bright canary yellow, a chartreuse green and a vibrant pink.


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