Nov 7, 2011

Nebula Nails

I finally got around to trying out the VERY trendy nebula/galaxy nail art (or is it over?). I have to admit, it was easier and quicker than I thought it was going to be and I quite like the finished look, especially with purple and holo-glitter. The colours used were Sinful Colors - Black on Black, Revlon Top Speed - Lily/610, Covergirl Boundless Color - Blue You/573, Rimmel 60 Seconds - Climax/660 and Covergirl Boundless Color - Amethyst Mist/410.

1 comment:

  1. Are you planning on posting a tutorial on how to do this on youtube? I've been very interested in trying it, but wasn't sure how! I'd love to see how you did it! <3