Dec 19, 2011

Back From My Hiatus & A Nice Gift From MadamLuck

SO sorry it's been so long since I've posted anything. My cat Nemo passed away in mid-November from fibrosis of the lungs and a week later I was visiting family in Ottawa. In December, I've been working pretty much every day so when I have a day off I use it for errands and relaxation.

My Nemo

But I am back for a quick update and to show you a nice little package I received from Amanda (A.K.A. MadamLuck). She sent all this to me as a belated birthday gift. SO sweet of her! THANK YOU AMANDA!

I'm super excited to try out the nail foils! I may do a tutorial for them once I've mastered the technique. Laser Optic is particularly unique and beautiful purple with streaks of pink and blue.

And now for the pièce de résistance! Amanda created a skull nail tutorial for Halloween that I absolutely loved, so lo and behold...she made earrings and a matching pendant for me in the same skull style as her video!! They are da bomb! They look like they were made with a mix of regular and metallic polymer clay, gems for eyes and hand painted cracks.  Amanda is amazingly talented with nail art, painting and polymer clay crafts.

Here is a fun photo using the "Dramatic" filter with my new Olympus Pen Mini (E-PM1). I will create a blog post on my new camera in the next week or two.


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