Apr 27, 2012

Hair Extension Update & FOTD

I've been on another dry spell with makeup. After I created my last dramatic look (Gimme Some Sugar(pill), Baby) I became so drained of ideas. But, I am applying makeup again and here it is! This is another version of my Lusting for Mattes Tutorial

Pinch braid extensions short hair cut

Pinch braid extensions short hair cut

Products used:

Primer - Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer
Foundation - MAC Full Coverage Foundation - C40
Highlight - MAC e/s - Vex
Contour - Paula's Select Bronzer
Blush - Rimmel Blush - Amber

Lid - Annabelle Smoothie Eyeshadow Pencil - Licoriche
Lid - Sleek Acid Palette - gunmetal grey colour
Crease/brow - L'Oreal HiP Bright Shadow Duo - Showy
Brow highlight - MAC e/s - Brule
Inner eye highlight - MAC e/s - Crystal Avalanche
Waterline - ELF Cream Eye Liner - Black
Upper/lower lashline - NYX e/s - Black
Mascara - Annabelle Le BIG Show Mascara

Annabelle Lipliner - Haute Chic
Wet n Wild Mega Last Color - Dollhouse Pink

It's been 4 weeks since I first had my extensions installed, and since I have such short hair and the extensions are on the top of my head (instead of the sides, where they're traditionally installed) there's more maintenance. My hair is 3.5 - 4.25" long now and Becca, at The Dreadquaters, was able to add around 25 pinch braids (you'll see what they are in the photos below) and one magenta coloured weft. I have more than twice the amount of hair and it's a few inches longer.

I had a 4" wide medium blonde weft of hair left over from when I was ventilating facial hair, so I used my hair colour (Special Effects Virgin Rose) on it and dyed the top 1.5" black, ombre style. It came out pretty close to my hair colour. She weaved it in about an inch from my hairline and then pinch braided 4 rows behind it.

Pinch braid extensions short hair cut

Pinch braid extensions short hair cut

Pinch braid extensions short hair cut

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  1. Can't find remmil blush in amber here. Maybe that color is only available in Canada. How recently have you purchased that color?