Apr 13, 2012

A Real Beauty Blender Dupe

I was at London Drugs the other day and I came across the London Look Precision Makeup Sponge for $9.99 CDN. It looked like a Beauty Blender egg shaped sponge ($19.95 USD), but I've been fooled by these sponges before, e.g. the Basically U Super Blender Elliptical Sponge from Ulta, which was nothing like a Beauty Blender. I believe the Sonia Kashuk sponge is similar to the Ulta one as well. I have not used a real Beauty Blender, but I've played with one at a store before.

What sets the Beauty Blender apart from most other similarly shaped sponges is that when wet, it expands to twice the size and becomes very soft, AND lo and behold, so does the LL sponge! I was quite pleased to find that it isn't just another sponge. The one from Ulta did not expand at all, remained hard as a rock, and was impossible to clean. 

I have used and washed the LL sponge twice so far, and I am quite pleased with it. It gives you an even, streak-free finish and easily blends the foundation. I find that it applies foundation similarly to the flat top foundation brushes and I'll probably end up alternating between the brush and sponge.

First I wet the sponge by squeezing it under the tap, you can use it dry as well, but it's harder, absorbs more foundation and applies foundation heavier. You apply the foundation by dipping the sponge directly into the foundation, then apply to the face by stippling the flat side onto the flat areas of your face and rolling/dabbing the pointed side onto the more angular/smaller areas of your face (nose, upper lip, eye area).
I will show a quick demonstration in an upcoming video. :)


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