Jul 28, 2012

Skulltastic Makeup and Lens Village Giveaway!

I posted a photo on Instagram a few weeks ago of my first attempt at skull makeup, and I immediately saw things I didn't like about it (namely the teeth). So after practicing the teeth a second time I was finally satisfied and decided to record it.

The lenses were provided by Lens Village. They are white GEO Animation Lenses. They also kindly sponsored two pairs of lenses to giveaway for all my subscribers. Please go to the tutorial to see how to enter and the rules.

They also provided me with a discount code of 10%: 10SOKOLUM

skull makeup skeleton

Jul 12, 2012

Inspired Pink and Purple Brightness!

When I posted my Sedona Lace Vortex review, my makeup seemed to outshine the whole review and it was requested that I do a tutorial on the look. It was a look that was inspired by a Pixiwoo tutorial months back and I had created a blog post on it as well in March.

Sugarpill Poison Plum and Dollipop

Jul 7, 2012

A New Haircut/Sidecut!

A few weeks ago I decided that I didn't really want to grow my hair out into long luxurious girly locks anymore. I'll grow it, but I want to have short parts because I want to keep it edgy looking. So I found a ton of photos for inspiration and I went to Sarah O'Brien at East Vanity Parlour (who happens to be my husband's stylist) last week and she started cutting away. I was heavily inspired by Lisbeth Salander's hair in Fincher's version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, with the shaved sides and very short fringe.

I decided to go with a sidecut, a very short fringe and a VERY textured cut. We were joking around about how we should bleach my hair out and colour it black again to give it more texture since my hair was so silky and healthy. I am debating whether or not to do a little undercut in the back as well, but for now I will pin it up or wear a pitiful little ponytail. What do you think I should do with the back?

I also changed my part, it used to part on my right side, but I wanted to shaved side to be on my photogenic side. I think my hair still has to get used to it because the shaved hair is a little wonky in parts because it has been growing in the other direction. :D

short hair with sidecut