Sep 26, 2012

Seeing RED!!

Hi everyone! I have an FOTD for you today. It's been a while because lots has been happening in my life; we went on vacation to Europe, we sold our condo and we are in the midst of moving to Montreal towards the end of October!

I decided to bust out my MUFE Aqua Liner in Iridescent Red (10) that I purchased at IMATS Vancouver. It is a little sheer and it really is iridescent with a gold shimmer. I added a black wing to adhere my eyeLuvMe Elly faux lashes to. I decided to go with a nude lip just because I wanted all the attention on the red winged liner. I paired it with my Super Pinky Bright Red lenses from

Also note, my eyebrows are blonde! I still think I look a little alien without filling them in, so I filled them in with MAC's Groundcover eyeshadow, which is a light matte grey. I bleached them so that I could quickly block them when doing Halloween looks. 

Red winged liner with red circle lenses

Sep 4, 2012

Hair Update

Recently I had a request on YouTube to make a video or blog post about my haircut and since I've changed up the colour slightly I decided to show some photos of the full cut (minus the pitiful little ponytail).

My stylist, Sarah O'Brien, at East Vanity Parlour recently added some panels of Special Effects Deep Purple for me. It is the darkest purple EVER! LOL! I've shampooed my hair 5 times in warm water so far and it's still very deep. Since it's so subtle, I think next time I go for a root touch up, I'm going to get to her to colour the rest of my hair Deep Purple. It's a beautiful warm purple...and deep, just like the name.

Right now it's a shaggy mullet. I'm possibly waiting for the side to grow out long enough to maybe even it out a little more. I have a micro-fringe (as I call it) that goes all the way across my forehead and about 1.5 into my hairline, and a TON of texture cut in. My hair length probably varies from 2" to 6" all over because of all the texture. The magenta colour is still my signature Special Effects Virgin Rose and the dark brown colour is my natural hair colour. 

Short hair with side cut