Oct 31, 2012

Dramatic Cat Eye

So it's Halloween and I didn't dress up! But I have a good excuse, I just arrived in my new home city of Montreal yesterday and everything is still packed. THERE! :P

Anyway, I took a break and went to the mall today and Halloween is the perfect excuse to wear dramatic makeup (as if I really need one)! I watched Leesha's (xsparkage) Raccoon Eyes tutorial a few weeks ago and I wanted to recreate it, but I was in the middle of moving so I didn't get around to it right away. I've also been on a real winged liner kick so this eye was perfect! It reminds me a little of my Tron Siren Inspired Tutorial from a while back.

I am now in love with the Annabelle Smudge Paint Tar as a black base! I wore this look for almost 8 hours and it was crease free (with Urban Decay Primer Potion).

Dramatic cat eye

Oct 19, 2012

Deep Purple With Virgin Rose - Hair Update

Time for another hair update! After my last hair update, I was itching for more purple. I was initially reserved about how much Special Effects Deep Purple I was going to add to my hair because of the maintenance. I only had 3 or 4 panels coloured, but after a week or so I wanted everything coloured! :D

So I went in for my final visit with my Sarah O'Brien at East Vanity Parlour, *sob*, before I move to Montreal.  I had her cover over the panel of Virgin Rose at my crown so that I could easily touch up the colour myself if I needed too. I kept my fringe it's natural colour so that my forehead doesn't get stained. I also had an inch or so taken off my crown.

I am in love with Special Effects Deep Purple! It's amazing! I didn't have to touch my hair up for the whole 1.5 months since my last appointment and I am sure that I could have gone twice as long if I wanted.

My hair is still a little frizzy from being bleached out a few days ago, but it eventually smooths after a week or two.

Notice my new elven brows?? ;)

Side cut with Special Effects Virgin Rose and Deep Purple

Oct 13, 2012

My Name is Heather and I am Addicted to Vampires!

I decided to do a Halloween FOTD today. I watched HayzStrawberry's Half and Half Tutorial (please go and subscribe to this talented MUA) this morning and I totally gave me an itch to do black and white look!

Also, I love how hot vampires are and after my vampire tutorial and being turned into a vampire with prosthetics yesterday, I really wanted to do ANOTHER version of my vampire.

I am wearing my black GEO Ultra CK105 lenses from PinkyParadise.com and for a shot I also had in my GEO Animation Lenses in white from LensVillage.com.

I couldn't apply makeup directly around my new vertical labret so I had to do a little photoshopping around it.

Monochromatic vampire makeup

Oct 5, 2012

Drag Queen Vampire

Here is my first Halloween tutorial of the year...well, I have made a few videos this year that could be considered Halloween tutorials...

This look was created because I have always wanted to do a vampire look and I have had quite a few requests to do looks similar to my The Hunger Games "Capitol" looks. I broke out the airbrush and Stilazzi compressor for this video, which I always love using.

I am also wearing my favourite lenses of ALL TIME, from PinkParadise.com, the Super Pinky Bright Red lenses.

I realized after recording that my white balance and shutter speed were off for most of the video. FML. So I did my best to adjust it in FCP X.