Nov 28, 2012

Angel of Death Look

I was so excited when I received my black sclera lenses from Samhain Contact Lenses that I had create a makeup look the next day! I also recorded a sclera lens overview the same proud!

I have been itching to create a creative/extreme look for a few weeks now so when I received the lenses I was totally inspired to create a speed tutorial. If a look isn't too technical, then I prefer speed tutorials because I can apply the makeup quickly and just wing it.

I received the custom sclera lenses this past weekend and I had to give them a go right away. I am a seasoned lens wearer so popping them in wasn't much of an issue for me, just a little more awkward than a regular lens. Removing them is actually easier to remove than a regular soft lens. I have inserted my sclera lens overview at the bottom of this post.

I used some Stilazzi, some Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, a little Sugarpill and even a little......GLITTER!

black sclera FX contact lenses samhaim goth veining makeup

Nov 23, 2012

Purple Fu©kYeahVulcan Eyebrows!

I decided to use mostly Sugarpill Cosmetics to create a dark smoky eye and purple eyebrows today. I feel that dark smoky eyes suit me the most and reflect my personal style the best. I also added Sugarpill's purple Angel Baby false lashes.

Sugarpill Angel Baby Lashes and Poison Plum Eyebrows

Nov 21, 2012

Simple Yet Dramatic Winged Liner

I felt that I needed to post a new FOTD because it's been a little while. I was busy with buying a house and I went to IMATS Toronto this past weekend, so I have been quite busy! I hope to record my haul from Vancouver and Toronto's IMATS' tomorrow so keep and eye out! ^_^

I have also been debating on whether or not to start posting to Lookbook. I feel that Lookbook kind of lacks in the rocker-chic/goth area and I have quite a large wardrobe of mainly those particular styles...What do you guys think??

I'm not totally happy with this look, not sure what it is exactly. Meh.

Nov 8, 2012

Lots of Lashes and Shxt!

I recently received an order I put in with Sugarpill, which included @#$%! that I've wanted since I missed it at IMATS LA (the title of the post didn't allow me to use the characters so I had to add a shxt instead). I ordered @#$%!, Bulletproof, Tako, Flamepoint and Buttercupcake, and since receiving it, I have used Bulletproof EVERY day. It's not as black as some other black shadows I have, but it's VERY pigmented.

I also added upper and lower lashes that EyeLuvMe kindly sent me for my birthday. I love wearing lower lashes because they add so much drama, even simple/natural looking lower lashes...probably because I have four lower lashes. >_<

I am still enjoying my vulcan eyebrows, don't think I'm going back to arched JUST yet. I am wearing my GEO Ultra CK-105 in Black circle lenses from PinkyParadise.

Nov 2, 2012

How I Take Self-Portraits

I often get questions about what camera I use and how I take my FOTD photos so I thought a blog post to cover my procedure would be choice! I'll cover what equipment, camera settings, environment and edits I try to use.