Apr 29, 2013

New Cheek Piercings (A.K.A. Dimple Piercings)

So I finally had my cheeks pierced after months of toying with the idea! I've been researching and sitting on it because they're notoriously hard to heal. However, I have heard of quite a few people who haven't had any issues.

Dimple Piercings Cheek Piercings Special Effects Deep Purple Dye

Apr 20, 2013

Misty Maven Inspired Rainbow Eye

I posted a look a few weeks ago inspired by Misty Maven/JistyPlaven/Petrilude on Instagram and I had several requests to create a tutorial on the look. I wasn't too sure if I was going to because of how extensive the makeup was and also because I was just recreating a look that Misty Maven designed. But I thought, what the heck recently and decided to just record it anyway.

The look is much more colourful than I am used to and it also uses glitter...makes me feel like I am dressed up as "Skittles" as my friend Mohammed Hindash called it. :D

My lenses are Vassen Cloud Nine lenses in Violet from PinkyParadise.

Apr 15, 2013

Blown Out Gothic Purple Smoky Eye

I wore a look on Instagram a week or so ago and it was requested that I create a tutorial on the look, which I was more than happy to record because I loved the look. It is using my favourite Sugarpill eyeshadow, Poison Plum, and my third favourite MAC eyeshadow, Sketch (next to Carbon and Vex).

I'm wearing my favourite lenses again, Vassen Cloud Nine Red from PinkyParadise.com. They feel so natural on me now. Ha!

Apr 12, 2013

LookBook - Bohemian Punk Rock Look

I recently started posting to my Lookbook.nu account! I will try to post regularly and I will also start making videos on my looks as well. :)

Apr 9, 2013

Rebelle Clip-In Hair Extensions Ponytail

I recently received the Original 7 pc Clip-In Hair Extension Set from Rebelle. They are 20" long 100% human hair and include 2-3", 2-4", 1-6", 1-8" and 1-10" extensions.

Rebelle Clip-In Hair Extensions

Apr 4, 2013

In Love With OCC's Sci-Fi Lullabies Batty

I was recently sent the OCC Sci-Fi Lullabies Lip Tar collection to try out and as soon as I opened the package I KNEW I'd fall in love with Batty, but I had no idea how in love with it I would be. It's AMAZING! Batty is a black Lip Tar with a silver sparkle to it. I paired it with thick black winged liner and arched purple brow.

I also had my fringe reshaped so that it is rounded and angles upwards on the sides. Ann-Marie and I were more pleased with this shape.