Apr 9, 2013

Rebelle Clip-In Hair Extensions Ponytail

I recently received the Original 7 pc Clip-In Hair Extension Set from Rebelle. They are 20" long 100% human hair and include 2-3", 2-4", 1-6", 1-8" and 1-10" extensions.

Rebelle Clip-In Hair Extensions
I received the extensions in Goldilocks, which is a light blonde. I ordered blond because I had to colour the hair purple to help blend it in to my own hair. The also sent me their 4-2" Clip-in Accents (which I have yet to colour) and their Clip-In Fringe in espresso, which I can't use because of my haircut. The extensions set comes with it's own bag and re-useable box to help maintain and store the hair.
Overall, I am really enjoying wearing the extension kit! It's pretty amazing to be able to have long hair for a day...and I'm someone who bores of long hair quickly, so it's great to be able to to remove it at the end of the day.

In the video below, I demonstrate on how to wear clip-in extensions in a ponytail.

I'm also wearing my Vassen Cloud Nine Voilet lenses from Pinkyparadise.com.

Rebelle Clip-In Hair Extensions

Rebelle Clip-In Hair Extensions


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