May 30, 2013

How to take Simple Low-Key Portraits

I've always been fascinated by low-key photography because of how dramatic the high contrast between light and dark are. I've wanted to try it out myself, but I thought they were too complicated and I probably didn't have the right equipment to attempt it. After a seriously failed attempt at taking a few low-key portraits of myself, I gave up for a month. Yesterday, I decided to try it out again with a different setup and SUCCESS!  I'll give an overview of the equipment I used, the "studio" setup and camera settings.

May 9, 2013

Another Vulcan Look... I Mean Vampire!

I've been itching to do another vampire look for a couple of months. I wanted to do another fashion-ish vampire with more blood. I am wearing my Samhain Custom Contact Lenses Black Sclera lenses and my Scarecrow Professional Fit Vampire Fangs.

You may also notice that most of my eyebrows are gone! I kept about a cm of eyebrows, bleached it and shaved the rest off. It's a bit bold, but I feel that it gives me more versatility. I used to just shave the tails off and I have gradually been shaving more and more's just as addicting as tweezing.