Jul 28, 2013

Synthetic dreads are installed again, plus FAQ

My sister was kind enough to install my synthetic dreads this past Wednesday! She blanket stitched in around 50 double ended synthetic dreads that I made. Most are dreads that I had installed perviously. Usually a whole head is 50 DE dreads, but I wanted it super full, and many of the dreads we used in the densest area (top) were shorter fluffier dreads so it isn't to heavy.

In the following photos, I am wearing a high ponytail to make them look even fuller. Excuse the last iPhone photo, but that is to show how long the dreads are when not in a ponytail.

I get a lot of questions about the dreads when I am wearing them so I will answer a few here.

How did you make them?
I made them using various tutorials from YouTube. The most thorough  in making and installing I have found were from DoctoredLocks on YouTube.

Are they heavy?
Yes, they're heavy and it takes a few days to get used to the added weight. My headaches and sore neck usually disappear after 3-4 days. 

How long do you wear them?
You can wear them for up to 3 months. Any longer and your hair may start to lock itself and it will be difficult to comb out once you unbraid the syth dreads. I usually wear mine for 2-4 weeks before I want my natural hair back.

How do you deal with the itchiness?
Some people deal with it by poking or hitting the itch, others use a spray with eucalyptus or tea tree oil. Scratching it or poking it, while feeling REALLY good, can just further the itch by damaging the already sore skin. I wouldn't suggest using eucalyptus or tea tree oil because they are known skin irritants and can cause prolonged itching. 

My suggestion is to just try to do something that distracts you or just breathe through the itch. It will go away and itching will subside much quicker this way. If it doesn't go away after 1-2 weeks, then you may have a reaction to the dreads.

How do you wash your hair?
This excellent picture tutorial is how I wash my roots. I wash them every 7-10 days.

What I do is just snap the rubber elastics and carefully unbraid each dread. You will have a TON of hair come out with the dreads, which is normal, since we lose 60-100 hairs a day (multiply that by how many days you've worn them). My hair is SUPER curly after unbraiding so I take a shower and deep condition my hair.

If you have any other questions just ask in the comments and I will add them to the FAQ! :)

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