Sep 29, 2013

Hellbound Forever

I decided to do a Lookbook post on one of my typical everyday outfits.

I am wearing my favourite lace and tulle dress that I got at an affordable Canadian store called Sirens a year or two ago. It was probably only $20-30. My jacket is my new favourite faux leather biker jacket from H&M this season and my tights are from Ardene. I purchased the harness from Black No 1 in Copenhagen, Denmark in July.

But the pièce de résistance is my new UNIF Hellbound boots. They're 6" high, but they are, hands down, the most comfortable platforms I have ever worn. I have never found JC Litas that comfortable because I have narrow feet and they wouldn't tighten enough. However, because of the hockey skate speed lacing style of the boot, it tightens perfectly for me.

Sep 27, 2013

Hella Glitter With Batty Lips

This tutorial was recorded before my previous GRWM video, so the lips are the same. >_<

I felt like kind of recreating a look that I posted on Instagram a few weeks ago. I also had to record this look twice because I was unhappy with the original video.

The awesome Skull Octopus ring was a gift from my lovely friend Angie/Goldiestarling's Etsy store StarlingJewels.

Sep 20, 2013

My First GRWM Video, Featuring Sugarpill and OCC Lip Tar!

A few people have requested that I do a Get Ready With Me (GRWM) video, not too sure what it is, but I know it includes speed and music. LOL! So, basically a speed tutorial??

I wore this look a few days ago and posted it to Instgram and people commented "Tutorial please." I'm always looking for ways to wear red eyeshadow. Red eyeshadow is just so damn edgy, I love it!

The video features the local Montreal band Projekt F, who kindly allow me to use their music for my videos.

All products are listed in the video. :)

Sep 9, 2013

Another Little Change To My Hair

A quick post! I made another visit to my stylist Anne-Marie at Les Salon Sugar! Lately, I have been pushing my fringe to the side, so I decided it was time for cut to lighten my fringe and to touch up my roots. Ann-Marie is an amazing hair stylist. She is so precise, patient, is adventurous and very experienced.

She texturized my fringe, cut it on more of a diagonal, cut more layers into the top back of my hair to give it more body and added a panel of fuchsia.

The colours in my hair are Special Effects Deep Purple and Virgin Rose and Raw Twisted Teal.

The lenses I am wearing are Red Vassen Cloud Nine lenses from