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Feb 2, 2013

IMATS Haul...Plus a Giveaway!

Pop your popcorn and sit down for a while because here is my IMATS haul from Vancouver, Toronto and Los Angeles...finally! I felt my haul from each individual IMATS was a little lacklustre so I saved them up for one GIANT video.

I also have a promo code for SauceBox Cosmetics until February 28, 2013 for 15% off: SOKOLUM15

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1 SauceBox Cosmetics Temptation Palette & Mascara; or
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Oct 1, 2011

Wet n Wild Dream Weaver Collection

I recently received these four Wet n Wild palettes from new blogger KristiWithaK (please show her some love). They are from the Limited Edition Dream Weavers Collection, which was not available in Canada. I don't think any LE Wet n Wild collections are ever available in Canada :'(.

While I am a big fan of Wet n Wild, I only have two of their palettes and I am really not sure why. The elusive Dream Weavers Collection really caught my eye and I sent poor Jacqueline (a.k.a. abrilliantbrunette) on a wild goose chase trying to find the palettes, but to no avail. Then Kristi noticed our conversation on Twitter and offered her unopened palettes. I am so grateful that she was willing to give them to me, she's too kind. <3

Anyway, here are my four Dream Weaver Palettes:

Feb 12, 2011

All About Inglot

Inglot has become quite the YouTube sensation so I decided to post some swatches of the Inglot products that I have collected over the years. Unfortunately, some of my items have been either discontinued or renumbered. It is a brand that I have loved over the years and I was quite heartbroken when they closed most of their stores around Canada. I figure it was because they grew way too fast and couldn't compete with a well known brand called MAC. However, it seems as though they have smartly been cautious the past few years and are making an impact in the makeup community in the US, which I am quite happy about because they really have some great products. There are several finishes: Matte, Pearl, AMC (Advanced Makeup Components) and D.S. (Double Sparkle). AMC and D.S. look exactly the same to me, but apparently AMC is supposed to last longer...but with a primer I don't really think it matters.

From Left to right, top to bottom: Matte 379, Pearl 439, D.S. 494, AMC Shine 39, AMC 859S6, D.S. 482, Pearl 434, Pearl 413, D.S. 477, AMC 58.

Pearl 429, D.S. 493, AMC 60, AMC 59, Pearl 430, D.S. 460, AMC Shine 26, D.S. 463

AMC 64, Matte 388, Pearl 441, Pearl 413, AMC 70

1-Matrix 191 (discontinued?), 2-Pearl 434, 3-D.S. 482, 4-D.S. 494, 5-Pearl 439, 6-Matte 379, 7-Matte 388, 8-Pearl 441, 9-AMC Shine 39, 10-D.S. 493

1-Matrix 226 (discontinued?), 2-AMC 70, 3-Pearl 413, 4-Pearl 429, 5-AMC 58, 6-D.S. 477, 7-AMC 59, 8-AMC 60, 9-AMC 859S6

1-AMC-64, 2-D.S. 460, 3-Pearl 430, 4-D.S. 463, 5-AMC Shine 26, 6-Matrix 231 (discontinued?), 7-Matrix 191 (discontinued?), 8-Pearl 237 (discontinued?), 9-Face Blush 43

1-Revlon Colorburst Lilac 001, 2-MAC Up the Amp, 3-Inglot 150 Lipstick, 4-Revlon Super Lustrious Lipstick Berry Haute 660, 5-Inglot AMC Lipgloss 546, 6-Inglot Lipgloss 541, 7-546 gloss on top of Illamasqua Disciple, 8-541 gloss on top of Illamasqua Disciple

Aug 8, 2010

It's Haul Time Again!


It has been a while since my last haul and I had quite a few items to cover so in order to not bore everyone to death I had to cut out some lashes and the Urban Decay Naked Palette.

The first items I talk about are my new MAC lip products. I purchased a few of them from a CCS in Washington state and the others from my MAC Pro store. I purchased Electric Edge Lipglass, Supreme Lipglass, 3N Lipglass, Little VI Lustreglass, Luscious Spark Dazzleglass, Ban This Lipglass, Go For It Lipstick, Smash Hit Dazzle Lipstick.

Swatches are on my husband as it was easier for me to photograph his arm, as opposed to photographing my arm (he had to make it look masculine). :)


I also purchased two new blushes, which I rarely do. I purchased the popular Nars Orgasm, which is a pink blush with gold sparkle. I am not too impressed with Nars products, including this one. I decided that I do not like blushes with sparkle because they emphasize my pores more than I would like. While pretty in the pan, I probably will not wear it often. I also purchased MAC's Coygirl blush. I love this matte mauve colour! It adds a little colour to my cheeks and it is a perfect replacement for my favourite Paula's Choice Healthy Blush when it runs out!

I picked up a few of MAC's Pro Chromalines, Rich Purple and Process Magenta. They are more like Paintpots than Fluidlines and they make excellent bases. At my local theatrical makeup supply store, StudioFX, I purchased a generic brand Chromacolor in a chartreuse colour, which is essentially exactly the same as a Chromaline. It's half the price with my discount and has 3g more product.


I purchased several eyeshadows from the Pro store and the CCS. I purchased Sassy Grass, Shock-a-holic, Indian Ink and Vibrant Grape. I also swatched MUFE #92 to show how it compares to Shock-a-holic. Shock-a-holic may look similar in the pan but it applies more red and less vibrant. Still a beautiful colour though.

MAC Shadows

I placed an order online for a few of the popular Sugarpill shadows. I ordered three, Poison Plum, Dollipop and Love +. I love the colours and I am sure that I will get a lot of use out of them. Amy/Shrinkle personally signed the receipt and included a sticker, and two business cards.  I swatched the colours next to similar colours that I already had.

Shadows 2

The last items I swatched were my NFU Oh 51 & 52 nail polishes!! Beautiful! They are iridescent polishes with metalic flakes in them. They are much prettier than I could capture in my photos and I should have polished all my nails in the same colour, but I was trying to save time...I will remember next time! I purchased them form

NFU Oh 51

NFU Oh 52

Jun 26, 2010

My First Haul Video!!

I finally decided to do a haul video! I will start doing haul videos more often. Luckily, these are all products that I like enough to keep.



Here is the comparison between Revlon's Colorburst lipstick in Lilac and MAC's Up the Amp lipstick. They're the same colour; however, Lilac is more sheer and it has shimmer to it and Up the Amp is more opaque and flat.


And here is my Nars Strada dupe, Wet 'n' Wild Color Icons single in Kitten. I was pretty unimpressed with Strada. Kitten also does not apply too evenly, however, I am willing to accept it for $2.47 rather than $26.