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Dec 15, 2013

Holiday Goth

I recorded another video for a look that I regularly post on Instagram. I usually wear this look with no eyebrows, so I showed what how I normally wear it, and then how it looks with eyebrows for those who are faint of heart. LMAO!

I call this look holiday because of the festive bronze glitter and goth for obvious reasons.

Sep 27, 2013

Hella Glitter With Batty Lips

This tutorial was recorded before my previous GRWM video, so the lips are the same. >_<

I felt like kind of recreating a look that I posted on Instagram a few weeks ago. I also had to record this look twice because I was unhappy with the original video.

The awesome Skull Octopus ring was a gift from my lovely friend Angie/Goldiestarling's Etsy store StarlingJewels.

Sep 20, 2013

My First GRWM Video, Featuring Sugarpill and OCC Lip Tar!

A few people have requested that I do a Get Ready With Me (GRWM) video, not too sure what it is, but I know it includes speed and music. LOL! So, basically a speed tutorial??

I wore this look a few days ago and posted it to Instgram and people commented "Tutorial please." I'm always looking for ways to wear red eyeshadow. Red eyeshadow is just so damn edgy, I love it!

The video features the local Montreal band Projekt F, who kindly allow me to use their music for my videos.

All products are listed in the video. :)

Apr 4, 2013

In Love With OCC's Sci-Fi Lullabies Batty

I was recently sent the OCC Sci-Fi Lullabies Lip Tar collection to try out and as soon as I opened the package I KNEW I'd fall in love with Batty, but I had no idea how in love with it I would be. It's AMAZING! Batty is a black Lip Tar with a silver sparkle to it. I paired it with thick black winged liner and arched purple brow.

I also had my fringe reshaped so that it is rounded and angles upwards on the sides. Ann-Marie and I were more pleased with this shape.

Nov 28, 2012

Angel of Death Look

I was so excited when I received my black sclera lenses from Samhain Contact Lenses that I had create a makeup look the next day! I also recorded a sclera lens overview the same proud!

I have been itching to create a creative/extreme look for a few weeks now so when I received the lenses I was totally inspired to create a speed tutorial. If a look isn't too technical, then I prefer speed tutorials because I can apply the makeup quickly and just wing it.

I received the custom sclera lenses this past weekend and I had to give them a go right away. I am a seasoned lens wearer so popping them in wasn't much of an issue for me, just a little more awkward than a regular lens. Removing them is actually easier to remove than a regular soft lens. I have inserted my sclera lens overview at the bottom of this post.

I used some Stilazzi, some Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, a little Sugarpill and even a little......GLITTER!

black sclera FX contact lenses samhaim goth veining makeup

Nov 23, 2012

Purple Fu©kYeahVulcan Eyebrows!

I decided to use mostly Sugarpill Cosmetics to create a dark smoky eye and purple eyebrows today. I feel that dark smoky eyes suit me the most and reflect my personal style the best. I also added Sugarpill's purple Angel Baby false lashes.

Sugarpill Angel Baby Lashes and Poison Plum Eyebrows